Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chapter XXIV: The Grand Opening



What an awesome afternoon. Great (extremely hot) weather, clear skies, great food, great people, and a lot of fun! Almost 3 years in the making, Victoria Park in the small city of Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada welcomed neighbors, friends and everyone with 2 and 4 legs to the Grand Opening for the park!

Everything turned out great. We had a good crowd that was entertained with conversation, a BBQ, drinks, some cake, and a ribbon cutting ceremony (I didn't get pics of that, as I was in that photo). The good thing about today is that while it was really hot with the sun beating down, everyone was able to remain hydrated, and there was a nice, cool breeze blowing.

Overall, the event was a great success, and I'm really proud of my parents and all the other volunteers involved with the park.

Alright. Without any further ado, I'm going to show you what you want to see: pictures! Because of the lame formatting on this when it comes to pictures, I'm going to have to give you captions before the slew of pictures. If you want to see larger versions, click on each pic.

Pictures 1-3: My father (right in pic 1) giving his Park Opening Speech; Picture 4: Look at how awesome the sky is, today!; Pictures 5-9: The Mayor of Bathurst giving a little speech; Pictures 10-11: A couple of crowd shots; Picture 12: CAKE!; Picture 13: A close-up of the burgers (there's hot dogs, too...but we all know: burgers > hot dogs); Picture 14: My uncle manning the grill; Picture 15: Another crowd shot; Picture 16: The Victoria Park sign, looking all decorated; Pictures 17-19: More crowd shots; Picture 20: My 6 month old little cousin, Loïc. Isn't he cute?  :)

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Great pics Bryan! And i agree...Loïc is really cute ;)