Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter III: Winding Down

I didn't think I'd have the chance to type so much, today. I apologize if you're sick of it, already. I usually have a lot on my mind, and having the chance to get some of it out, it's great.

So I tried out the new Halo: Reach beta, which is basically an all-multiplayer beta, which I think is great. Why give away any of the single-player element? In my short time playing Halo 3 and Halo: ODST, I've noticed that it's mostly about the multiplayer. In these days, the multiplayer aspect is what sells games. Without it, you're basically screwed.

Well, I didn't get to try it much. 3 games, and that was it. The server is seriously messed up. I honestly don't think they were set up for this many users. At one point, there was over 200,000 people playing online. I swear, it got annoying waiting 20+ minutes for a server to open up, and even after that, there's no promise you'll even get in a game. I gave up for the day to relax and enjoy some television. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

An update from a random thought I posted in Chapter I, my friend Kevin said that Floyd Mayweather's trunks were full leather. No fur, save for the walk-out stuff. Still, I'm surprised there's no PETA protest, as they seem to protest, and in the case of an olympic athlete, go as far as to threaten violence on anyone that uses fur. I'm not saying they're right or they're wrong. They haven't done anything to me for being a meat eater, and until they do, I won't have a problem. However, I will say it's not cool to threaten someone for wanting to live their life the way they want to.When it comes to living your life, it's your own decision. The only one responsible for your choices in life is you. Unless you're living in a country where such freedoms do not exist, nobody should prevent you from doing what you want to do as long as its within the confides of the law. Anyhoo, I'm done ranting. I like to poke fun at things that produce silly headlines, and usually when PETA is in the headlines, it's usually something silly that's involved.

Speaking of silly headlines, did anyone see the one about a Vancouver politician saying that the Canucks was the only team left in the NHL playoffs that's truly Canadian? That seemed to piss off a Quebec politician who demanded a game misconduct. Maybe they should field road hockey teams, where the loser leaves politics?

Alright. I'm gone. Time to enjoy some baseball. Go Jays Go!


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