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Chapter VI: UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun II

I'm going to give my thoughts, fight-by-fight (rather than round-by-round) on the fights that air on the PPV. As for the prelim fights that didn't air, I'm just going to post the results and some notes.


John Salter def. Jason MacDonald via TKO (injury) - Round 1, 2:42.  -> MacDonald looks to have broken his ankle when going for a takedown. UPDATE: Jason MacDonald update: Broken left leg. Had to be put under to reset his left ankle. Surgery next week <- according to The Score's Sid Seixiero

Mike Guymon def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Joey Beltran def. Tim Hague via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28). 

Johny Hendricks def. T.J. Grant via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28). <- Grant was deducted a point for a kick to the groin (was the second one of the fight).

Marcus Davis def. Jonathan Goulet via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 1:23.
Joe Doerksen def. Tom Lawlor via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 2, 2:10.


Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher

- Alan Belcher walking to the cage with "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix playing.
- Patrick Cote walking out to Wavin' Flag. Automatically wins on entrance music.
- Bruce Buffer's French has gotten better. WAR BUFFER!
- Crowd's already going with the Cote song

- Belcher with kicks to start.
- Cote looks good for his first fight back in the UFC after blowing his ACL at UFC 90.
- Belcher hits Cote with a groin kick Full foot on the nuts.
- Cote with a nice flury on the inside.
- Belcher with a lot of kicks to the midsection
- Cote goes southpaw and hits some shots
- Cote checks a head kick attempt
- More Cote chants
- Cote's right side ribs are swlling
- Cote with a takedown into Belcher's guard, dropping shots
- Belcher has a butterfly guard
- Cote passes to half-guard
- Cote going for a kimura.
- Cote still going for it
- Belcher gets free and gets on top
- Belcher is trying for an arm triangle, but lost position. In side control.
- Still working on the ground, Belcher on top in half-guard.
- Another arm-triangle attempt, and Cote's cut.
- Flury to end the round.
- 10-9 Cote

- Round starts, but Belcher has no mouth piece
- Trading strikes in the stand-up
- Cote's knee looks fine.
- Still boxing on the feet
- Cote with some short kicks, and Belcher responds
- Cote stalking with punches
- Belcher's only response are his kicks, and a knee on the clinch
- Up against the cage, Belcher is pushing Cote.
- Trading shots on the cage, Belcher throws an elbow.
- Cote with some good shots off the cage
- Cote catches a knee and gets a takedown, pushes Belcher against the cage
- Cote leaving himself open to some shots
- Back standing.
- Crowd still with faint Cote chants.
- Belcher with a Face Buster front suplex and transitions into a rear naked choke
- It's deep. Cote taps.
- Cote's trainer claiming he got head spiked, but it was reall a face buster. Only thing spiked was Cote's nose.

Alan "The Talent" Belcher def. Patrick "The Preditor" Cote via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:25 of the 2nd round.

"Kimbo Slice" vs. Matt Mitrione

- Mitrone walks out to "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Somewhere, Mike Brown is cursing.
- Mitrione almost KO's a photographer
- Kimbo comes out to some hip hop. Skynyrd wins on my books.
- Man, Kimbo looks ripped
- I wonder what'll happen if Kimbo gets grey in his beard?
- Mitrione can't stop smiling.

- Mitrione throws a high kick, but misses.
- Kimbo catches the high kick and goes with two takedowns
- Mitrione with a triangle, and gets powerbombed.
- Slice hanging on, free of the triangle.
- Mitrione slips and gets in side control
- Kimbo with a limited ground game trying to get somewhere.
- Mitrione moves Kimbo into half-guard.
- Mitrione showing good control.
- Kimbo finally landing strikes
- Back to the feet, Mitrione with a knee
- Kimbo with ANOTHER takedown.
- Kimbo with a punch to the face, and Mitrione up against the cage.
- Mitrione looking for the triangle again. Not in deep
- Kimbo out of the triangle.
- Kimbo lets Mitrione up.
- Kimbo hitting with the right hand, and Mitrione tries for another high kick
- Mitrione with a knee and a kick that both land.
- Kimbo with shots to the body, and another knee.
- Kimbo got hurt and is down. Kick and a punch.
- Mitrione with a nice side choke.
- Kimbo trying to hang on to end the round.
- Kimbo survives.
- I give that round 10-9 Mitrione for submissions.

Mitrione faking with punches, but Kimbo lands some.
Kimbo trying for another takedown, but it's stuffed. Kimbo has Mitrione up against the cage.
Mitrione with a knee,and some lefts off the cage
Nice inside leg kicks by Mitrione.
Kimbo's limping BADLY.
Leg kicks GALORE! You can hear them!
Mitrione's going for a Gator Roll, but is letting Kimbo up.
More leg kicks!
Now Mitrione landing combination strikes, and smiling while doing it.
Kimbo has Mitrione against the cage, but doesn't have the strength to get a take down
Mitrione with a big knee to the outer thigh.
Mitrione cranking the neck.
Mitrione with another knee to the midsection and leg.
Kimbo's getting OWNED right now, not even moving.
Mitrione with a mount, and raining down blows.
More bombs from the mount.
Kimbo is doing NOTHING to get out.
Mitrione going for an Americana arm lock.
Doesn't work, Mitrione goes back to the bombs
Referee FINALLY steps in and stops it.

Matt Mitrione def. "Kimbo Slice" via TKO (Strikes) at 4:24 of the 2nd round.

- Love the "Sanction Ontario" banner shown from the upper deck.

Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens

- What's with the wannabe hip hop/dance crap fighters are coming out to? Jeremy Stephens, I thought you had musical class.
- Poser music continues with Eminem for Sam Stout. UGH!
- Crime Scene Cleaners...nice sponsor.
- I think this fight will be hard to type. Apologies if I miss anything.

- Stout throws a leg, gets caught, Stephens takes Stout down
- Trading punches off the ground.
- Stout gets up, but eats a knee.
Stephens takes a leg kick and a left hook
Stout eats a right and Stephens taunts.
Leg kick from Stout off a head fake
Nice body punches and counter-body punches by both men.
ANother left hook to the body by Stout,
Trading leg kicks now
Stout got knocked down by a right
Stephens lets Stout back up and gives Stout a knee to the head.
Stout is bloodied
Stout throwing some kicks and punches
Stephens lands a spinning back fist
Great pace
Stephens is LANDING that left hand
Nice leg kick checked by Stephens.
This is pretty technical thus far
90 seconds left, both are trading punches and looking for angles
Stout is really landing that left hook to Stephens' body.
Stephens with a kick to the body, but Stout with a punch in return
Stephens with a good right.
Stout with a nice 2-punch 1 kick combo
Nice body kick by Stephens.
Round ends, I have to give that 10-9 Stephens based on the two knock downs.

Stout's right eye looks like it's swelling as round 2 starts.
Trading punches and kicks by both men
Nice leg kick, but Stephens isn't checking.
Stephens lands a big shot and goes in with a flying knee.
Stout is down, and going for a kimura.
Stephens is hitting body shots to try and get Stout to let go
Stephens has Stout against the cage and lets Stout up.
Back on the feet, trading rights.
While Stout looks technical in his strikes, Stephens has more power.
Nice left hook by Stepens, followed by a checked kick by Stout
Stephens looks to be slowing down from the leg kicks, but is still landing those jabs.
Stout is scoring with the leg kicks
Great pace to the fight. Neither man is slowing much.
Stephens going for a takedown, but settles for a hard punch.
Two nice inside leg kicks by Stout. That leg has to be hurting.
High kick by stout gets blocked.
Stephens lands another left hook.
Stephens is swinging for the fences, and Stout tries the same.
I'd have to go 10-9 Stout based on those leg kicks. 19-19 going into the final frame.

Stout starts with a flury of punches, but lands a kick that went low. Wow, groin shots galore tonight.
Field goal kick is shown on the replay.
And we're back to action, and they're picking up the pace.
Stephens lands a nice body punch and a kick.
Stephens in the clinch, takes a knee.
Stephens with a flying knee attempt.
Stout with a body kick attempt.
Stephens eats a jab on the inside.
Both men are trading punches.
Stephens hitting the face hard, Stout going with the leg kicks.
Stephens hits a leg kick that's checked.
Nice big knee by Stephens in a quick clinch.
Both exchange punches, but Stout with a kick.
Stout is pounching, landing bombs and gets Stephens on the gound.
Elbows raining down, and there's a lot of blood coming from somewhere.
Stout is in Stephens guard.
He lets Stephens up.
Stephens' leg is fucked up.
Another flying knee attempt by Stephens.
60 seconds left, and this has been a great fight. Leg kicks are doing their job on Stephens
Stephens is still getting those punches in.
Stephens is swinging for the fences again.
Stephens with a takedown, but lets Stout up and gives Stout a knee.
I give Stout the 3rd 10-9. 29-28 on my card for Stout. Now we wait for the judges.

Jeremy Stephens def. Sam Stout via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

They're airing the Tom Lawlor vs. Joe Doerksen fight, but I need a break.

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley
The winner of this fight will become the #1 Contender for the UFC Welterweight Championship, and will coach vs. Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre during the 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will air this fall. Talk about a prize. Your future: Getting owned by GSP. In Koscheck's case, for a second time (See: UFC 74).

Let me know when the fighters start choosing good walk-out music, please? Daley disappoints.
FINALLY! Good entrance music! Nothing like some Red Hot Chili Peppers doing Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground"!
TapouT FTW! RIP Mask
No touch of the gloves! NICE!

Daley starts with a flying knee that missed
Both are now stalking each other.
Daley with short punches, not doing much.
Kos shoots in and gets the takedown. Now in Daley's guard
Daley gets up, but is slammed down hard by Kos, who goes into side control
Kos as a leg tied up by Daley, but is landing a few shots and is pushing Daley against the cage.
Kos in half-guard now.
Kos with great control over Daley right now.
Crowd is booing. I hate it when a crowd boos great ground work.
Daley in full guard trying to push Kos away.
Kos now has Daley's back, trying to get the hooks in for a rear naked choke.
Kos has the hooks, Daley's trying to get out.
Kos fighting for the rear naked choke.
Kos has a palm-to-palm rear naked choke
Daley gets out and knees Kos while he's still down.
Referee takes a point away from Daley.
Kos' nose looks cracked.
Replay makes it look like he took a toe to the eye.
Kos is trying to delay this
Slow motion from another angle shows a possible knee grazing.
We're back underway.
Nice uppercut attempt by Daley
Kos fighting for the takedown.
Round ends
No use of replay to argue calls in Quebec (dummies), which could have reversed the point deduction.
10-8 Kos for the takedowns.
Referee reverses his point deduction.
Revised: 10-9 Koscheck

Crowd chanting "Fuck You Koscheck"
Koscheck lands a nice shot, and gets a third takedown.
Kos in side control
Crowd is chanting "GSP" as Kos continues to control on the ground.
Daley moves Kos into half-guard
Kos moves into mount for a second, but goes back to half-guard.
Crowd boos the chess match on the ground.
Paul Daley needs to work on his ground game a bit more.
Kos landing a few shots from the top position.
Kos trying to move to either mount or side control
Kos is trying to free himself again, but every time Kos moves to side control or mount, Daley moves back into half-guard.
Kos posturing up and landing some good shots.
Kos still doing work, moves to the back, and trying to work the hooks in.
Kos looking for another rear naked choke, but time is running out. 30 seconds left.
Kos with shots from the rear body triangle.
As the round ends, it's another 10-9, almost 10-8 for Kos.
They show a shot of GSP on the big screen, and the crowd goes apeshit.
GSP is doing the commentary for the French broadcast.

Daley is trying to land punches, but they don't seem to connect. Reminds me of Dan Henderson trying to wind up
Kos moves to the left to avoid most of the punches
Daley with a head kick attempt.
Daley just landed two stiff punches and a LEGAL knee.
Kos trying for a takedown
Kos gets the big takedown. That's 4 in this fight. Crowd instantly boos. Starting to remind me of New Jersey and their disrespectful crowds.
Another "Fuck You Koscheck" chant as Kos rains down some shots.
Kos in side control, trying to score points.
Kos is completely dominating on the ground.
Kos in full mount after moving to side control.
Daley is trying to buck, but isn't working.
Kos is mixing punches with position control.
Kos keeps trying for an arm triangle hoping to goad Daley into giving up the back.
Daley escapes to half-guard
Kos keeps raining blows.
Daley is trash talking Kos.
Round ends, 10-8 Daley, and Daley punches Kos after the fight ends. Pure lack of class. Referee jumps in and restrains Daley.
Daley is probably looking at not only a suspension, but a pink slip

Josh Koscheck def. Paul Daley via Unaminous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship: Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
Shogun with lame techno music
Machida with Linkin Park

We start with a leg kick and a flury of punches from Rua
Machida with a couple of strikes
Another kick from Rua with a punch
Yet another kick, checked
Machida with a takedown into half-guard
Rua looking for something, and they're back on their feed
Rua with inside knees to the thighs against the cage.
Shogun going forward with punches
Machida with another takedown
Rua gets back but takes a knee to the body
Rua with another series of knees to the inner thighs.
Machida with a knee on the break
Machida keeps switching stances
Machida is knocked down and Shogun pounces
The crowd is going nuts!
Replay shows Shogun hit Machida with a clipping blow to the left temple that knocked Machida down
Shogun landed a few blows on the ground, but stopped when he realized Machida was out.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua def. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida via KO at 3:35 of Round 1 to become the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Machida's awake, but his left eye is FUCKED UP!

They're now airing the Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet prelim fight. I'm going to relax the rest of the night and just put what fights are being aired and work on my overall thoughts.

They announced that Alan Belcher got Submission of the Night. Well-deserved. I wouldn't mind seeing him get the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen.

This was a great pay per view, and totally erased the bad taste I had in my mouth after UFC 112 when Anderson Silva took a giant shit on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. With the exception of the pure crowd hatred for everything Josh Koscheck, I thought the crowd was great. The fighters could use an upgrade in their walk-out music, but that's just the metalhead in me. I don't plan on doing this for EVERY MMA event. Might just stick with the UFC events, and give general thoughts on the others. Either way, I had fun. Sure, my notes aren't pretty, and I may have missed a couple of things, but I did my best.

I'm not a pro at this. I Wouldn't mind working my way to the status people like Kevin Iole (@KevinI), Dave Doyle (@yahoodoyle), John Morgan (@MMAJunkieJohn), Loretta Hunt (@LorettaHuntMMA), Maggie Hendricks (@MaggieHendricks) have attained as the elite in MMA reporting, but I'm happy just being the crazy fan I am. The people I just listed are only SOME of the major players in MMA reporting, and if you aren't following them on Twitter, you should be. I have a lot of respect for these people. They know their shit, and deserve to be recognized for it.

For the record, I went 2-3 on the PPV. I got Mitrione and Shogun. Missed on Stout, Daley and Cote. Oh well, can't win them all.

Alright. I'm signing off for the night. I hope this blog provided some insight and a somewhat detailed look at the fights. Have a good night, everyone. And to all the mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Bryan M. "BMW" Willett

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