Friday, May 7, 2010

Chapter V: Sweet Taste of Life, The Math of Sports & Underdogs

Started the evening of May 5, 2010...

I just sat back and enjoyed a nice, big, cold glass of lemonade. Boy, did it ever taste good. The moment the taste hit the buds on my tongue, it brought me back to the best moments of my childhood. Playing baseball in the summers; family vacations; family get-togethers. To me, that drop of lemonade touching my taste buds brought to me the sweet taste of life  :)

Continued the morning of May 7, 2010...

Apologies for that. I just got really distracted after I wrote that paragraph. Couldn't focus back on writing. Thus, I'm not going to give this entry an official Chapter number. Instead, this will be the first Interlude.

Last night I did some TV watching, mainly in the form of a couple of NHL games, and the latest episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. I think they should just call the season "Survivor: Villains Own the Heroes" as there aren't many "Heroes" left. I've already seen who makes the final vote, but I won't spoil the next couple of episodes for anyone. I just kinda hate how they crammed 2 eliminations into 1 show, Ultimate Fighter style.

Wow, how insane was the third period of the Montreal vs. Pittsburgh game? Probably some of the most intense hockey I've seen in a long while. A lot of people are bitching about the dirty goals Montreal got. I suppose a perfect old school wrap-around, stuffing it under the goalie's leg pad, and then banking it in off the skate of the opposition could be seen as dirty goals, but a goal is a goal. In the case of the wrap-around, the puck was across the line before the net came off. Sadly, people at the arena don't really get to see the replays we do on TV. Oh well. Series is tied.

As for the Detroit vs. San Jose game, wow! That was a fucking mudhole stomping. It was like pro wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin opening a huge sized can of Whoop-Ass before stomping that mudhole in someone's ass and then walking it dry. 7-1 is not a pretty score, especially in the playoffs. ESPECIALLY in the 2nd round. If this was the first round, I could understand. But when one player lights the lamp 4 times (unofficially 5, but one goal was taken away and given to a teammate upon further review), and assists on 2 other goals, I would like to apply a term gamers use. "You Got Pwned!"

Tonight, we got Vancouver vs. Chicago and Boston vs. Philadelphia. I'm hoping Vancouver can come back and tie the series, because I'd rather see a good Canadian team continue on. Oh yes, I just hated on Les Canadiens. I'm an Ottawa fan. With the Pittsburgh vs. Montreal series, it's a case of me just not wanting Pittsburgh to advance. We've had Detroit and Pittsburgh in the finals the past 2 seasons. We don't need it again. Sure, they could sell it as a rubber-match if they were to both make the finals, but let's be honest. Do we really want that?

Look at NASCAR. The same guy has won 4 years in a row. Attendance and TV ratings are falling. Why? Nobody wants to see the same guy (or team) win over and over and over again. I do my research, people. The NHL in the United States is already on thin ice. They don't get the same ratings in the USA as they do in Canada. Dominance in sports is NOT a good thing. Sure, some could argue that the rest of the league/organization needs to catch up to said person/team, but do you think the people are willing to wait around for it? If you think so, you must me a very closed-minded and closed-eyed person who doesn't take the time to look around.

Let me make the math easy for you: Less people watching = less programming. Less programming = less people wanting to attend. Less people wanting to attend = higher ticket prices. Higher ticket prices = even less people wanting to attend. Make sense? You know it does.

For all the trash talking and the obscure points I make when trading barbs on Twitter or Facebook, I try to put a realist aspect into things, not just a blind "I cheer for this team because it's where I'm from" or "I cheer for this team because their players are hot" fandom. Yes, I use the story for my cheering the Ottawa Senators NHL team as wanting to be different than the rest of my family who are traditionalists by cheering for either the Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs. I've been an underdog my entire life. I've never really been the favorite. I've never been the popular one. Supporting the underdog in a situation comes natural for me, because I see myself as an underdog in this life. I suppose I get annoyed when I see people so set on supporting the overwhelming favorite instead of having the guts to take a chance and cheer for the underdogs.

Or maybe it's just because I'm not afraid to be different, and settle for a stereotype.

Besides, isn't it a better feeling when the underdog wins? Speaking from experience, I can tell you it does. Winning at ANYTHING feels a lot better when you're the one expected to lose, rather than being the one expected to win.

Defy expectations. Support the underdog. You might be surprised at how better you'll feel cheering for the "little guy."

I've changed my mind. This is getting a Chapter numbering.


Special shout out to Ryan Goshorn who won my Facebook lyrical challenge.

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