Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapter IX: A Thursday Update Shorty

It's been a few days, but it's not without reason. School, assignments, and NHL playoff hockey has been taking up my time a lot. Had a fun field trip with my Marketing class on Tuesday, a workshop on Wednesday, and a guest speaker this (Thursday) afternoon.

Looking at the second round of the NHL playoffs, has this not been an exciting round? You have San Jose finally getting the monkey off their backs, eliminating the Detroit Red Wings; You have Roberto Luongo failing, causing Vancouver to lose to Chicago, Montreal pulling off the mother of all upsets for the second round in a row by eliminating Pittsburgh; and Boston vs. Philadelphia going to a game 7 tomorrow night. Even though my team (Ottawa) was eliminated in the first round (as expected), I'm still enjoying the playoffs. Oddly enough, I've predicted the loser for 2 of the 3 finished series thus far. Should Philadelphia manage to pull off the biggest of all comebacks, I'll be 3 for 4, and also quite happy with the overall result.

 I apologize for the short blog update. I'm just feeling really tired today. I'll probably have something more profound tomorrow. In fact, I think I might have something good for tomorrow. Just have to think about it, a little.


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